Saturday, January 31, 2015

So Many Holes

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I guess all Malaysian drivers can relate to all these with all the MRT constructions everywhere... 
I hope the MRT constructions will finish soon enough so that our roads can be fixed and hopefully, lesser jams later when the public transportation system has been revamped!

For now, we Malaysian drivers will have to drive vigilantly for the sake of our poor poor cars.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Legend of Korra, I Pick You! [Part 2]

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The grand finale of Legend of Korra was aired on 20th December 2014, and one month later, there’s still a lot of buzz going around in fandom. Die-hard, obsessed, addicted and amazed fans like me will probably remember the magical moments for a very long time. I have mentioned this plenty of times and I don’t think I will ever tire out saying this over and over – Legend of Korra is a marvelous animated TV series. And the relationship between Korra and Asami is truly a great writing. There has never been a better queer representation on children’s TV than LOK, in fact it delivers far better than many other adult movies or TV series with similar theme. 

What I like most is the positive representation of woman, and not only the young ones; even the old ladies are as powerful and play as important roles as the men in the series. And then there is the blossoming friendship between Korra and Asami that slowly and subtly develops into something more; something more romantic and along the way, they have already fallen in love before they even know about it. 

I believe that a lot of people are crazy over this development because it feels real, true and strong and more so, it’s relatable to many queer people out there. Unlike heterosexual people who can openly start flirting when they find someone whom they are at least/midly attracted to; many queer people begin differently unless the person you are attracted to has already made known of his/her orientation. In many cases, it begins like Korrasami; first as good friends and along the way, they may or may not discover that they are actually attracted to each other more than just friends and then fall in love even without being together or in a relationship. 

 How do I know? As a person who strongly believes that LOVE is just love and sexuality is just as fluid, I may have or may have not experienced the same thing. :) 

Mostly, I believe Korrasami is also an accurate portrayal of true love. I know that attraction or infatuation do happen at first sight; but falling in love is another matter altogether; that takes a lot of time and effort and even then there is still a risk of it not even working out in the end. And I don’t believe that you have to be in relationship to make it happen. Like Korrasami, they know they are good friends, heck they are probably aware of being attracted to each other in one or two ways, but it is not until 3-4 years and multiple life-threatening adventures later that they realize that perhaps, their attraction never stops and has been falling in love unknowingly. In the end, when the relationship begins, we see two mature people who have already fallen in love with each other, coming together and making the decision to journey and explore their future lives together; not just – “Let’s get together and see if we fall in love or not” relationship. And that to me, is beautiful. 

Love can come in many forms. Gone are those days where true love comes in the form of Prince Charming saving damsel in distress; or witty, humorous bad boys courting an impossibly rich and unapproachable girls and then fall in love just because someone saves the day. It’s time to show the future generations that love can happen anywhere when you least expect it. Sometimes, it develops like Korrasami; or it takes a long time; or it takes multiple separations and failed relationships to finally come around with the one; or it happens later in your lives; or it happens with not the prince charming you have always dreamt of; or and or and or….. And very also very importantly, platonic friendship do exist between males and females and that just because you hang out with another person of opposite sexes, you are sleeping together, no. 

To the creators, supportive staffs, and all the people behind this awesome series, thank you for pushing the boundaries to portray Korrasami. May this be the defining series for all the positive changes to come in all children’s television. 

 And thank you to all my readers for bearing with my obsession with Korrasami.

Actually, there are also a lot of many other things to love about LOK in total like its brilliant and detailed animation; its deep yet relevant theme in each season and so many more! It's a really good TV series.
Monday, January 12, 2015

Legend of Korra, I Pick You! [Part 1]


Three years ago when I first saw Legend of Korra with all the posters and trailers, I was intrigued mainly because we seldom get cartoons that feature female heroins. You could argue that anime has a lot of them but think about it, which of them isn't sexualised, or for the sake of fan service. 

So Legend of Korra actually stands out a lot being particularly unique because not only the main character is a young, athletic female, she is not a white and by the western animation standard, it's a pretty risky move. I know Disney produces many movies with female as their main characters but they are all always damsels in distress whereas Korra is different, instead of being saved, she is doing the saving. I mean the idea is getting old and I am pretty tired of the media representation when it comes to females and always portraying them as weak beings that need to be rescued. It's time to show something different in the cartoon televisions!

And that's how I started watching Legend of Korra. You should try it out! :)
Monday, January 5, 2015

Worthy Book FnB Edition 2014/2015

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This is real! There are 180 F&B vouchers in this book with lotsa discounts and freebies inside, featuring 44 brands of restaurants and popular F&B Franchises in Malaysia. This book will have something for everyone so be sure to grab one today. It's really a good deal!

You can easily get a copy of this Worthy Book F&B Edition 2014/2015 from all major bookstores (MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya) and selected outlets in KL and Selangor.

If you need more convincing than this, be sure to visit their social network platforms to find out more about this Worthy Book 2014/2015 FnB Edition:

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to exploring more food with my Worthy Book and enjoy wonderful discounts while doing so. :)

Go ahead and grab one book now and enjoy all the discounts and goodies that come along in this book! 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Year 2014

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It’s time of the year again; to celebrate and welcome another brand new year; to write resolutions that we know that we will never be able to fulfill… So unless you have done everything that you have set for yourself, then here’s a pat to your shoulder from me to you...Congratulation! Now go on and write more resolutions! As for me, I can’t even remember if I have made any resolutions for year 2014 but one thing I know for sure that it has been an interesting ride!

Looking back at what I did in Year 2013, which I have written it here… I couldn’t help to cringe at my own ridiculousness because apart from getting my diving license, what I have achieved in that year has been so insignificant; but I guess I wouldn’t know better at that time. I take it as a good sign though, that I could laugh at my old self for being so childish because it means that I have grown out of it, and probably become wiser now than I was before. And to make sure that I get a good laugh of my own absurdity on every end of another year, I am going to attempt in writing down what I have done before departing to another brand journey ahead.

Year 2014 has been an intriguing ride. For starter, I have read more than 100 books in this year alone! The exact number is actually 106 as of today and if you ask me how do I even know? I have a google sheet specifically to list down all the books I have finished for the year. I must thank my nifty little Kobo Mini for being ever so efficient and convenient. With Kobo Mini, I can bring my books everywhere and can easily steal some time indulging in some wonderful stories anytime, anywhere. And more than ever, I find myself falling in love more and more with books. I have literally turned myself into a book nerd and I don’t regret every second of it. There’s something very therapeutic about reading. It literally opens up your mind, changes your perspectives and teaches you to be more compassionate towards many things in life. And for the coming new year, I hope to come across with more inspiring books that will teach me more things about life itself.

Next, I need to talk about diving in Sipadan. This is one of my most memorable highlights in this year and I believe that it will be in my mind for a very long time. I had always known that we humans are really tiny in the face of nature and after spending 5 days 4 nights around the beautiful islands in West Malaysia, I finally had the chance to see it for myself, just how tiny and unsubstantial our lives are. We are just part of something so huge that many of us are so absorbed in our own self-importance that we forget to pause and think about others. We forget that there are billions of other living things in this world, sharing the same planet and sustaining the entire ecosystem together with us and with our stuck up, ignorant and selfish attitude, we forget that if we don’t protect these living things, they will vanish, the balance will be tipped off and what’s left would be our own extinction. We forget that this planet is shared, we are just one tiny part of it and who gives us the right to claim this Earth as our own and destroy the nature. The beauty of Sipadan islands and the lives around them have humbled me. And if Sipadan is only one itsy-bitsy beautiful thing of this planet, I wonder what else I could discover out there. Will we ever have the time to discover all the magnificent secrets of this world before it perishes due to our negligence? I wonder…

Year 2014 has also taught me to love myself better. For a while I was stuck in a miserable bond, I thought I was doing a favor by sacrificing my own happiness only to find out in the end that a toxic relationship is only going to end up badly and hurting both sides. I should have made the decision to walk away when I could but I did not have the courage to do so. Out of this unpleasant experience, I have learned that your heart knows what you really want and when it is trying to tell you something, you better listen to it. There is also nothing wrong or selfish with self love, you can love yourself without being selfish or arrogant or self absorbed. The difference is only a fine line apart yet distinguishable. And in life, sometimes you have to make that decision for yourself, even if it seems cruel and heartless to the others but when it’s done for the sake of your own love to yourself, you need to do it regardless what the others say or think. You owe that love to yourself, not love from others but the love that comes from you to your ownself. And when you start loving yourself, you will find wonders of what you can accomplish and achieve.

Another thing Year 2014 has given me is quality friendship which I am really grateful for. It’s really important to surround yourself with like-minded friends and people who can truly accept you for who you really are. It is such a blessing that I have found these people whom I can talk about anything in this world and even better that we share many of the same views, beliefs and principles together. And much thanks to this bunch of crazy friends, I have come to learn to accept myself better and be comfortable in my own skin. Out of these 365 days, we have talked about how shallow and close minded a lot of people are when their reasons in going against certain issues don’t even make sense. And we talk about how easily most people are being led by the media or the society they are in that they can’t even think rationally for themselves. While I admit that we are not perfect ourselves or even self righteousness, we accept our flaws, analyze and discuss over many dumbfounded issue that have plaguing our planet. We examine why some groups of people are thinking this way; why do they close up their minds; why do they have to do this and that and at the end of the heated discussions, we all laugh all over about them and vow never to be like them in the future. There are some interesting issues that we have been discussing among us that I would really like to share with the rest… but with these 1000 words essay right here, I will have to put them in another post.

Overall, Year 2014 has taught me many things, plenty of self discoveries and lessons. It's essentially a very good year. I mean what's so bad in a year that many of my OTP(s) come true! What do I hope for the new year? New discoveries, new adventures, good people, good friendship and lotsa love. :)

Happy New Year! :)

In Summary:
1. I changed job, yeah like it's exciting.
2. I read more than 100 books in a year.
3. I visited Sipadan Island and dived there.
4. I made a conscious decision for the sake of my happiness and walked away from things which have been toxic to me.
5. Of course I love my family and friends.
6. Korrasami and so many other of my OTPs come true!
7. Thank you Year 2014. :)

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